Our Aim | S S V College of Education

  • To incorporative knowledge and to elicit the innate merit out of the student minds and to improve the leadership qualities & IQ levels with a positive approach latent in the student community.
  • To create ability in the vocational interests of the individuals with sincere industry and time Modern teaching Techniques.
  • To provide coaching with the most efficient teacher with dedicated efforts.
  • To minimize the psychological stress faced by student in classroom by replacing the primitive teaching curriculum with a futuristic time tested curriculum & result oriented methodology.
  • To disseminate and advance the student knowledge by providing the best infrastructure and modernised laboratories & library facilities,accompanied by audiovisual education.
  • To provide education from K.G to P.G. level at the most reasonable and reachable cost of middle class & Low Families.
  • To maintain utmost discipline and develop individuality and workmanship in all areas of education for the student community.
  • To introduce and to make special provisions of Multimedia based software education in the field of computers and to develop sportsman spirit and Team spirit through extracurricular & Co-Curricular activities.
  • A junior College and a Degree College are established to take appropriate measures to develop and modify the Aims and golas of our students who are expecting a bright future with a Global perspctive and professional outlook.
  • To prove and mark the efficiency expctancy and goodwill of our school in the hearts of our well wishers and parents by transforming their children to a disciplined & responsible citizens,with an inspirational career in all their future endeavours.